About us

Experience, expertise and trust ... When we look at what we have achieved over the past 15 years of our history we feel pride, but also an endless desire for further development.

That is why we want to share everything that is really important to us with you, and explain what has enabled us to progress so far.


Our location

Our modern headquarters in Strumiany is more than just a place of work—more even than a flagship. It embodies what we strive for during each task, which is the highest level of quality, efficiency and innovativeness.

Our team

The perfect combination of the passion and commitment of youth with longstanding experience. A team everyone can rely on, consisting of 150 professional employees and 300 subcontracted associates.


The world is changing and the range of options available is constantly expanding, but we have been faithful to our traditional values for more than 15 years. These underpin the quality of solutions offered, while at the same time we look boldly into the future.

Everyday work

We approach each task with the same determination. The process established over the years is based on the same stages and never ends after the completion of the investment. Our technical advice and service is a guarantee of the quality of our solutions.